Setting up ABS-CBN TVplus

I had my cable services cut for a month now and with no indoor or ourdoor antenna I’m stuck watching Netflix (free for six month from Globe) since the start of the year. For a month I’ve been thinking to buy ABS-CBN TVPlus, and last week I bought one in SM MOA’s Appliciance Center. The saleslady was kind enough to test and auto search the available channel. We got the default 6 channels of abs-cbn (four of them are available only to ABS-CBN’s TVPlus).

Went home and connect the TVPlus to my TV and did a new auto search, to my surprise I did not get any new channel, still 6 default channel. I then search the Internet if I can find any diy tips. On of the things I tried is I factory reset the box (password is “0000”) and did another auto search. I got 12 channel this time, however most them are TV Shopping channel which I really don’t like to watch. No GMA, TV5, CNN Philippines, etc…

At this time I saw in one forum that you can try to relocate the antenna to get a better signal perhaps. Since the antenna cable is long enough I place it outside window and did another auto search. Still got the same 12 channel and no new channel. On one forum they’re suggesting to do a manual search and so I did. First I checked what’s the frequency of my missing channel and did a manual search. After trying for a couple of minutes I now have 26 channels but still no CNN Philippines. Maybe I should try to place the antenna somewhere where it can get a much better signal.

If you’re planning to buy ABS-CBN’s TVPlus make sure to have the salesman/saleslady to setuop the box and auto search the channel. They can also activate the exclusive four channel for you. Once you’re ready to connect the TVPlus you can then follow the instruction below:

1. Connect the TVPlus to your TV, you can follow the manual that comes in the box.
2. Place the antenna where it can get a better signal
3. If there are missing channel do a manual search. Remeber to get the missing channels frequency first and set it before doing a manual search.

You can check the available channel and it’s corresponding frequency here.

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15 Thoughts to “Setting up ABS-CBN TVplus”

  1. lily

    nakagreen light naman yung black box but then no signal hindi man lang ako makapagscan parang hindi pa gumagana yung remote niya e bagong bili ko pa naman yung tvplus na yun!

  2. Ej

    Help me pls. My tv plus cannot turn on. Red and orange light appear but no display. It doesnt turn on. Usually tv plus has green light. But now red and orange only.. thanks in adv.

  3. Christopher Albeza

    Wala pong signal signal tv plus ko. Dapat ba yung tv plus ko kulay green ang signal?

  4. Claire

    Bakit walang abs-cbn channel sa tv plus? Gma lang?

    1. Larry

      Yung saken din. Yung mismong mga channel wala mismo. So di mo maactivate GMA saka yung mga added channel lang meron. Nagsimula sa error E42 tapos nung nag rescan ako at nag reboot. Pati mga channel mismo nawala.

  5. Ernie

    Is there no cnn on this box

  6. Karl

    Walang sound..nakaconnect naman sa av channe ng tv..pero wla paring sound..hisense ang tv

  7. Glady Febrera

    Bakit ang TV Plus ko walang Cinemo, Yey, k channel? Ilang beses ko na in-scan lagi E-16 ang lumalabas.

    1. Try to registyer your TV Plus. You can also check their official support site:

  8. Bryan bautista

    Bkit ung tv plus ko dalawang channel lng nakukuha ? Location iloilo

  9. nhiel

    bat ganun poh ang tv plus ko nag rerestart tapos mag rerestart uli hndi siya tumutuloy.. panno siya ma fix?

  10. Butch Afante

    Kamusta naman po ang tv plus? Balak ko din po bumili eh. Malinaw po ba ang Ch. 7? Haha! Mama ko kasi gusto 7, sakin kahit ano pwede. Kung ano magandang palabas dun ako. Thanks po.

    1. Ok naman sya, Malinaw lahat ng channel as long as maayos placement ng antenna mo

      1. jojee101078

        ok na ok po ang ch 7 sa TV plus, pati ch 5, ok na ok kaya binebenta ko na ung cignal ko 🙂

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