Let’s Change the World

Change the world (well maybe not the world but something smaller like, your office perhaps?) you say? I say it’s impossible. Because big change needs bigtime cooperation from a lot of people. Friends, families, office mates, buddies, friend’s friends and most specially from people you don’t even know.

So why change, you say? Simply because change is the only permanent thing in this world.

You want to change your career, you want to change how people works, you want someone to stop doing the wrong thing. We almost always want to change something if it doesn’t fit to our needs or wants. Yet these change are hard to achieve because people around you are busy doing they’re things. They’re not copperating from what you think is right. They just mind they’re own bussiness.

Instead of pusuing others to change why not start the from your self. Do what you think is right. And maybe one day you’ll see the change that you want from the beginning.

No matter how gifted, you alone cannot change the world.
But that’s the wonderful thing about this world.
– Deaht Note III: L Change the World

Maybe L was right, no matter how gifted or how hard we try, we alone cannot change the world. But I believe that we don’t have to stop on advocating change specially if this for that good of majority. Let’s change things one step at a time.

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